Development of training modules for the development of skills of the sport clubs and coaches related with the promotion of social integration of disadvantaged children

In order to support the coaches and representatives of the sport clubs to support the social inclusion of disadvantaged children, the project has developed a handbook including 6 modules. The modules are the following:

1) Developmental Psychology

2) Pedagogical and Motivational Guidance on Inclusive Sports

3) Sociology, Social Inclusion, Interculturality, Social Skills

4) Competence Guide for Applied Exercise/ Sport Teaching

5) Effective Communication through Sports

6) Sports Management

All the modules include both a theoretical and a practical part. The modules are designed in the same way containing:
1. Module rationale: explaining why expanded knowledge is necessary for the quality of training and the integration of social groups
2. Module aim: explaining how will expanded knowledge contribute to the quality of training and the integration of social groups
3. Defining the learning outcomes: explaining competencies gained; knowledge skills; transfer of theoretical knowledge in to practice
4. Structured learning content: sustained interaction with content and others; explaining importance of understanding the topic providing explicit explanations and a clear knowledge base; relating new ideas to previous knowledge; practical examples / case studies ensuring an appropriate assessment material.
5. Assessing learning outcomes: self-assessment test; theoretical and practical demonstration of acquired knowledge
6. Learner support: instructions where to obtain additional in-depth knowledge on the subject; connection to the online training; bibliography

Here you can download the handbook "Promotion of Social Integration through the Training of Coaches and Sport Clubs" which includes all the training material.