The N.P.D.D. of Social Solidarity & Sport “Irodoros” is a public organization, which was established in 2011 by the Municipality of Megara and aims to promote sport activity and raise public awareness of social issues.

This is achieved through a variety of sport and social programs, the continual upgrading of sports facilities and the creation of new venues offering to our citizens quality and reliable solutions, especially to the working mother, to the elderly and to the economically weaker people.

“IRODOROS” is responsible for the function of the following services:

Social Solidarity field

  • The support and provision of social care for infants, children and elderly people.
  • The design and implementation of projects or the participation in projects and activities for the integration of Roma, repatriates, immigrants and refugees in the social, economic and cultural life of the local society.
  • The promotion and development of voluntarism and social solidarity through the creation of local social solidarity networks, voluntary organizations and groups of volunteers who are going to be active in order to achieve the objectives and support the social protection and solidarity program of the Municipality and the Community.



NPDD “IRODOROS” has four (4) kindergartens with more than 300 registered children.

“IRODOROS” offers comprehensive quality programs through child care centers and family day care, each designed to foster the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of preschoolers in a safe environment.

Services are available up to eight hours a day and they are affordable to no cost care for eligible families

Experienced, certified, and trained teachers are offering developmentally appropriate and educational instruction and access to community resources such as dental and medical screenings.

Support and Recreation centers for seniors

There are four (4) daily open centers for senior citizens with more than 2.800 registered users and they serve a gateway to the nation’s aging network—connecting older adults to vital community services that can help them stay healthy and independent.

“IRODOROS” has put together a combination of programs and services specially designed to help our older neighbors stay healthy, happy, active and fulfilled.

 Activities include traveling, pursuing old hobbies and learning new ones, socializing with friends, meeting new people, increasing knowledge, educational and arts programs, becoming health, fitness, and wellness programs and staying physically fit, contributing to the community and much more!

Program “HELP AT HOME” for the elderly

The “Help at Home” support Centers operate in the municipality of Megara in three different structures for:

  • Elderly in need of information on social welfare issues as well as connection with the Network of Services of the National System for Social Solidarity
  • Elderly in need of emergency social aid, in great danger of being harmed and unable to protect themselves
  • Elderly and their  families in a crisis situation and in danger of being harmed that need emergency psychological and social support


The program is staffed with social workers and psychologists and it  operates mainly in the morning

The staff makes admissions for people in need of social aid and designs special plans for social and psychological support

They also provide emergency counseling and short-term psychological support.

Sport for all

“IRODOROS” offers sports for all citizens, including disabled individuals. Its sports facilities host basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis courts, football fields, indoor gyms offering aerobics classes and  body building equipment, all of which cater to Megara amateur sports clubs.

It also organizes a collection of different sport events such as:

  • Track and field national championships
  • Half marathon “Footsteps of Pausanias”
  • Aquathlon and Triathlon at Varea Beach
  • Sports for minorities and Roma population
  • Grass-roots sport programs
  • 3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments


Daily Care Center for Roma population and immigrants

The Daily Care Center for Roma and immigrants devotes its actions to supporting socially excluded children and their families, most of which are Romany living in the municipality of Megara in the underprivileged district. Roma population in our region is characterized by extremely poor living conditions, disadvantaged positioning in the labor market, educational and social exclusion. The goals of the Daily Care Center are:

  • to help children with respect to their social and cultural characteristics by contributing to their social and educational integration,
  • to support the families of these children in creating a healthy environment for their development
  • To provide primary health care, especially prevention.
  • to keep medical records and vaccination cards for all children
  • To identify health problems, acute or chronic, and refer to medical centers when necessary

To educate about health issues and hygiene