ZAVOD APGA is a private institution founded in 2012. The institution activities are research, development and applied activities in the field of physical activity and their effects on humans and the environment. As part of its work we promote and support policies and practices that contribute to social responsibility and a higher level of realization of human rights and equal social, societal and economic opportunities for all people.

It has established connections with other stakeholders – public administration, economy and media and successfully cooperates with different sport associations and organizations that work in the field of sport and physical activity such as Faculty of sport and National Olympic Committee. Association’s activities are focused on insuring bigger influence on the policymaking in the field of sport, public health, promotion of health and healthy lifestyle. Association achieves mission with networking, informing, civil dialogue, and training and with horizontal and vertical networking of different institutions.

APGA develops and promotes empowering the NGO’s in the field of physical activity and health promotion.

Awareness rising activities

Physical and health promotion campaigns

Education and training of experts in NGO’s

Public dialog

Analysis and Research

Organizing workshops